- Timeline

TLDR was going to expire. Can I put the page online for the intended purpose to make enough money to save it? No.

16. April 2021 (less than one years ago)

My Brain: 💡 What if I had a webpage with a simple text message. Anyone can decide to change that message, but has to pay a small fee.

Me: This is the best idea I have had to date! I can implement this in a few hours, put it online and expect some 💰 and more traffic. Let’s buy the domain.

Looks for the cheapest place to buy domain and ends up buying it from Cloudflare for $9.06.

16. April 2021 plus more days

My Brain: Let’s try this new library I discovered on Hacker News called htmx with Java.

Me: Ah crap, it takes ages to bootstrap a project with Java. After a few hours, I don’t even have any interactions on the page.

What if I put the current version online.

After few hours of hacking and fighting with all kind of new and unknown error messages. I end up with a simple page.

First version

16. April 2021 plus even more days

Life happens. Other ideas come and go. Procrastination is like air, and I forget about this project, or domain even existed.

11. March 2022 (almost one year later, close to today)

Cloudflare: is going to expire in a month and few days.

Me: Ah crap! Another wasted domain. I lost $9.06 and more time.

My Brain: Lets checkout Twitter.

Me: What If I take this as a challenge? Can I earn $9.06 or more? Only then I will keep the domain.

12. March 2022 plus following days

For the last few projects ( and I have been using NextJS.

I started from scratch and rewrote everything in NextJS. Everything should be minimalistic, I don’t want to spend too much time on the project. I don’t know if it will pay off.

The result is very simple. A simple main page with a separate information page. The payment happens via Stripe link. I will change the text by hand for now.

Main page
Explanation page

16. March 2022

Wrote this article, and published the project. On r/SideProject. On Twitter. On ProductHunt.

17. March 2022

Published the project on Hacker News.

It seems someone already copied my project. They took the same questions-style information page as me, even the same durations (10minutes) and price:

Main page with all the exact same content.
The exact same questions as me


Since I did not make any money with this project, I let the domain expire. It was a stupid idea.